Happy Late 2nd Birthday to FilmPopper.com

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Well another year down and we’re still here. Surprised!?!? Happy 2nd anniversary FilmPopper.com. Technically it was on December 28, but I got busy over at the Trans Siberian Orchestra show. Anyway filmpopper had quite a good year despite the founder and editor spending a few busy months in Denali, Alaska, keeping him from updating the site regularly. I do apologize for that. Anyway, apparently it’s now tradition to review the five most popular stories of the year on Filmpopper. So here they are.

In fifth place is,
Joaquin Phoenix Became A Rapper For A Mockumentary… I Knew It!
A quick follow up story to Joaquin Phoenix who had supposedly left the movie business to become a rapper. Turns out he was less than honest with the good people of the world.

Fourth Place
Top Twenty Dwight Schrute Quotes From ‘The Office’
Everyone wanted to see Dwight Schrute take over The Office after Michael Scott’s departure, atleast for a little while. Even thought he was passed up for the job his wisdom in 20 quotes brought his fans to the site en masse.

Third Place
The Best Chick Flicks Of The Decade
I think this one speaks for itself.

Second Place
Taylor Lautner Joining Forces With Michael Bay
Just a little piece about Tay Tay signing up with action packed director Michael Bay. We haven’t seen any movies from their collaboration yet but I’m sure when they do there will be a lot of action, little action and even less story.

First Place
Trailer: ‘Abduction’ Starring Taylor Lautner
Another one that needs no explanation, girls love watching Taylor Lautner, just hoping that his shirt might come off.

See you next year and hopefully quite a bit sooner.


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