Golden Globes Locks Down Ricky Gervais For Another Go Round!

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Ricky Gervais Hosting The Golden Globes in 2010

The Golden Globes is bringing back Ricky Gervais, the best thing about last years ceremony, for a second time. The Globes is The Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc. awards show that honors both film and television that usually turns out to be a bunch of drunk stars slurring acceptance speaches by end of the night.

The Globes have never had a host before Gervais last year. And booking Gervais again is a bit of a surprise to me as he spent most of the time insulting Hollywood elites while sipping British beer and telling people to buy DVDs of  the British version of The Office which he co-created. His performance drew mixed reviews but the show viewers were up double digits from 2009. And this contract locks Gervais in so he cannot host any other awards shows next year.

What did Gervais have to say?
“I can’t believe they invited me back after awful things I said,” said Gervais. “Let’s see how far I can go this time.”



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