‘Gladiator’ Scribe John Logan To Write Next Two Bond Films

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The last four years of Bond-less cinema was difficult but luckily it’s looking like we wont have to go through that again. Deadline is reporting that, “As buzz builds for the 23rd James Bond film Skyfall, the franchise’s producers have quietly made a deal with John Logan to write not one but two 007 films.” With the films possibly being filmed back to back.

Logan has both an amazing and sometimes very disappointing resume… but who doesn’t. He’s probably most famous for his excellent films, Gladiator and The Last Samurai and most hated (well at least by me) for the chop job he did with Star Trek: Nemesis. Which put the bullet in the head of The Next Generation films. You could  point out that there is a big difference between turning in a great script and and actually seeing a good movie come from it but I still hate him for it.

Anyway, back to Bond. Logan was one of the writers for Sam Mendes’ Skyfall which is getting some of the best praise a James Bond movie has ever had. So I’m willing to believe he understands the Bond universe well enought to expand it a little. According to Deadline, Logan pitched the idea to 007 producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson for Bond 24 and 25 with a storyline that could span both films during the filming of Skyfall.

Logan’s scripted Noah is currently being directed by Darren Aronofsky and stars Russel Crowe as the titular character along with Emma Watson and Logan Lerman.


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