Five Things I DON’T Want To See In The Next ‘Star Trek’ Film

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So J.J. Abrams is quickly finishing off the script, assembling his villains and supporting cast for the sequel of his amazingly successful Star Trek reboot. And as with any sequel to a film that did so well, rumors start to fly our of control. Star Trek 2 is no exception, the rumors about the sequel have been running wild for years now. Well I don’t not what all the rumors are but I know there are few things I definitely do not want to see in the next Star Trek film. Here’s five things I do not want to see in the sequel.

A love triangle between Kirk, Spoke and Uhura: It was cute and a surprise to see the little romance between Spoke and Uhura in the reboot but that was enough. Kirk was mildly jealous but it didn’t really add anything to it. Star Trek is not trashy romance novel and I don’t want to watch one.

Five Things I WANT To See In The Next ‘Star Trek’ Film

Khan: Probably the rumor that is most likely to be true. But I say, it’s been done. And on top of that Wrath of Khan is by far the most over rated of all Star Trek films, maybe the most overrated of all films. Sure Ricardo Montalban as Khan played a great nemesis to William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. But was Khan really that great? Any movie that came after Star Trek: The Motion Picture would have been deemed amazing. My real beef with bringing Khan back is just that we’ve already seen that story. The Star Trek universe is so vast, there are thousands of stories that could be told… Tell one.

William Shatner: I don’t know why they have to incorporate people from previous franchises to bridge the gap. The audience is smart enough to realize the series is starting over. They used Shatner in the first film of The Next Generation cast, Generations, because the producers felt the two great captains needed to share some screen time to really pass on the torch. Not true.

An unknown race as the Bad Guy: Again referring to the vastness of the Star Trek Universe. There is probably a 100 races that have been introduced in the history of Star Trek, lets see one of them. I would love to see the Klingons be the enemy. Except for The Undiscovered Country we’ve never really seen much of the Klingons in the movies. The Klingons are a lot of fun but we’ve only seen them in detail in the television series.

Business or some metaphor for America as the bad guy: Hollywood hates big business and they hate America. Okay whatever… but that narrative is really getting played out. This is another rumor that is unfortunately probably true since Peter Weller was just cast as both a bad guy and a CEO. Abrams has Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci writing the Star Trek sequel. They are some of the biggest and most successful writers in Hollywood right now. Surely that team can come up with something a little better than a business man who wants to kill an alien race to exploit the natural resources of their planet.

Check Back soon to see the Five Things I WANT To See In The Next Star Trek Film.

The Untitled Star Trek Sequel returns the original cast of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and John Cho. Alice Eve and Peter Weller have been added to this film and we are waited for another big role to be cast as the main villain. The film hits theaters in 3D on May 17, 2013.


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