Filmpopper Review: X-Men: First Class

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X-Men: First Class is the latest superhero blockbuster to come out this summer.  This movie hasn’t been receiving as much advertising or hype as others such as Thor, The Green Lantern, or Captain America, BUT, it was my most anticipated superhero film.

X-Men: First Class is a prequel to the other X-Men series of years past.  This movie goes into depth to describe how Charles Xavier a.k.a Professor X and Erik Leshner a.k.a Magneto met and created the X-Men unit.  The story plays off of history based events in the Cold War and describes an evil mutant named Shaw (Kevin Bacon) trying to manipulate the Russian side to begin World War III.

All in all I really liked this movie.  I thought the acting was very good (except for the use of the word groovy on more than one occasion) especially the choice selection for Professor X and Magneto.  The action sequences were brilliant as it shows a young newly bred group of X-Men trying to defeat mutants with far superior abilities and experience.  You become very emotionally attached to the characters in such a short period of time and could feel the tension between Professor X and Magneto growing until the climax of the film.

There wasn’t really anything I disliked about this movie.  Though I do have to give a warning.  Compared to the other three X-Men films this one far surpasses them in violence.  Gone is the supped up cartoon versions we saw in the first trilogy.  This film was much darker and tells a much more complex story thats runs wild with emotions, especially those of a vengeful Leshner.  I would strongly recommend this movie to anyone.  I went into it with pretty high expectations and was not disappointed.  I award X-Men: First Class and A-.


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