Filmpopper Review: Warm Bodies

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Warm BodiesZombies are in right now. Everywhere you go you see zombie related paraphernalia. Long before this I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for the undead. Ever since my first zombie shoot em up game. Naturally I was pretty excited for this romeo and juliet style love affair… between a member of the dead and a human.

While Warm Bodies is the latest zombie film to come flying onto the big screen, it has taken a current craze and put a huge twist on it.  For those of you who have avoided the trailers, or internet, as I explained earlier the story follows a zombie, let’s call him R, who eventually begins to fall in love with a woman. Hilarity ensues as R attempts to woo the girl in a bizarre form.

The movie itself was brilliant. The dialogue was catchy and quote worthy, especially some of R’s inner monologues he has, since he seems to have trouble talking anyway. Another amazing part of the film was the stellar soundtrack. It provided a wide range of modern music to some of the golden oldies, the music itself did not follow a particular theme thus allowing for a wider array of emotions. The acting was pretty awesome as well, apparently I was informed after that the main actor (Nicholas Hoult) went so far as to not blink in any of his shots, since zombies obviously don’t blink.

As one of the few zombie movies you will find under a PG-13 rating I can strongly recommend this movie. It was a roller coaster of a horror movie, to a relaxing comedy, to an adorable romance.  The run time was perfect at barely an hour and a half, especially since movies have taken it on themselves to last far too long in today’s industry. There was not a thing I disliked about it, and as such I have no choice but to award Warm Bodies an A.


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