Filmpopper Review: Transformers Dark Of The Moon

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The long awaited Michael Bay Transformer movie is out.  Transformers Dark Of The Moon was one of my most anticipated films of the summer.

Shia Lebouf returns as Sam with his new co-star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly.  The movies begins in the early 60’s and begins to weave a story that the moon landing was actually an elaborate plot to investigate a crashed alien spaceship.  The film progresses much the same way as the previous two Transformers movie, that is to say, extremely fast and thus leaving out all the small details as the film leaps from one giant even to another.

There were quite a few things I loved about this movie.  Rosie Huntington-Whitley tops Megan Fox by far and is a far better actress.  The action sequences and special were effects with absolutely breathtaking to say the least.  I also found the story to have a lot more meaning and be much deeper than the second one ( a common complaint with the second installment)  The movie is fast paced and super star studded.  Many top actors make small appearances.  Finally, this movie was hands down the funniest of all the series.  They ditched the random potty humor they tried to use in the second movie and it had an awesome effect.  I found myself laughing out loud much more than anticipated.

The few things I disliked about the movie hardly can compare to the things I liked, and many of my dislikes are key plot points that I don’t really want to spoil.  Also, for some reason Michael Bay decided to add blood effects to the robots, this ended up really cheesy and awkward looking.

All in all I really really liked this movie.  I won’t say it’s as good as the first one because that movie still stands apart in my eyes.  But I can easily say that it was leaps and bounds ahead of the second film.  The occasional bad line or story that moved just a little too fast are my only true complaints, but even with that I give Transformers Dark Of The Moon, a B+ and tell all of you to go see it now!


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