Filmpopper Review: The Hunger Games

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Well perhaps the first big movie of the year is finally here.  The much anticipated Hunger Games film, based off of the book by Suzanne Collins, comes out this weekend.

For those out of the loop who aren’t too familiar with the story it takes place after a major war.  After the war the country has been split into 12 districts and a capitol.  Every year each of the districts must pay 2 young people as tribute who will participate in an arena fight to the death called The Hunger Games.

The movie itself is star packed with the likes of Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland, and Lenny Kravitz.  I will say that I personally quite enjoyed the movie.  It did a lot of things well that other book to movie films do not accomplish yet is able to maintain it’s separate identity.

The acting in the movie for the most part I would say was very exceptional.  Every actor played their role to a t, and essentially made you fall in love with every character without actually realizing they were doing it.  The story itself while based off of a book, is portrayed well in its film version and they allow enough visual aid so that even if you’ve never read the book you will still understand what is going on through out the whole movie.  The portrayal of the futuristic technology from The Capitol wasn’t too over the top to make the CG look fake and no boundaries were really pushed giving it a clean feel.  Also, the man in charge of costume design deserves an oscar nomination for all the crazy outfits they had people wearing.

I can’t really find a whole lot to complain about. The move itself is over 2 hours long and the start may begin a bit slow but picks up pretty quickly.  You don’t really notice the amount of time you are watching it, as the movie has you constantly on your seat, so it can be overlooked.  I will say to parents that while it is not very violent don’t let the idea that it is a young adult book make you think kids are ready to watch it, as one of the reasons it has it’s Pg-13 rating is;Rated PG-13 violent thematic materials – all involving teens.

All in all I quite enjoyed the movie, and if you are going into it having read the books and worrying, don’t you fret.  The movie does an excellent job of following Suzanne Collin’s thrilling novel.  I give The Hunger Games an A-.


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