Filmpopper Review: The Dark Knight Rises

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The movie that people have been waiting upon for years is finally hitting the big screens. The final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is here in an epic fashion. Returning an all-star cast from the previous two movies and throwing in a few new ones the heroic finale is here.

Christian Bale returns to play Batman, with the help of Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), and his faithful butler Alfred (Michael Cain.)  The most is probably the most anticipated of the season, and as such I have had very high expectations for this movie to finish out the series strong and in amazing fashion.

Let me start by saying I loved this movie.  The acting was amazing and the direction the story takes is a mixture of Christopher Nolan’s genius combined with original comic book stories.  The effects were dazzling and the new additions in the form of new characters all fit their roles exceptionally well.  As always Hans Zimmer delivers a top notch score that brings the movie to life.  Oddly enough, the movie sits right around the 2 hour and 45 minute mark, yet never was I aware of the length.  The story is not always action packed in every scene but when you find yourself so involved with the plight and moods that Christopher Nolan masterfully creates you may not notice either.

I’m going to be honest.  There wasn’t anything I disliked about this movie.  It delivered in every sense that I wanted it to deliver.  The villain, was evil.  The hero was good.  The story was compelling, and at the end of it all, it was all wrapped together into one amazing movie, all I can do is applaud Christopher Nolan on this one.

I’ve only ever given out two A’s while reviewing here at Filmpopper, in fact I consider myself pretty stingy with my A’s. But I have no problem whatsoever in saying that this movie is worth the hype.  The Dark Knight Rises, receives an A in my book. And The Dark Knight Rises will massacre any other superhero movie at the box office this summer. Look out Avengers!!!


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