Filmpopper Review: Les Misérables

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Les Miserables PosterIf you have ever read the book, or seen the musical and are worried that director Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables update will disappoint, then your worries can be laid to rest. For those of you unfamiliar, the story is set in 19th century France and follows Jean Valjean, ( Hugh Jackman) who after being imprisoned for 19 years is released to the world. Unfortunatley Valjean is unable to find work because of his past. A kindly priest takes him in where he makes a choice that changes his life forever.

From beginning to end the acting and singing was incredible. I was shocked by each and every performance. At first in hearing Russell Crowe my initial thought was that he was not a talented singer, however as the movie progressed I began to love his voice and realize it was just the shock of seeing and hearing him sing that made me question his casting.  In the end he played the part perfectly. Anne Hathaway blew me away with the emotion she could bring to her character, and I found myself very enthralled in her plight in the film.

The only thing that I found not to my liking was the length of the film, clocking in at around 2 hours and 37 minutes. Besides this minor flaw, there were quite a few things I enjoyed about the movie. Victor Hugo’s story still stands the test of time and is incredible. The musical numbers were phenomenal and some of them even brought me to tears. As I stated before the acting and singing was amazing and each actor played their role perfectly.

I really really liked this movie, however because of the length I did lose slight interest in some parts. Don’t let that discourage you from seeing it, especially if you have read the book or are a fan of the musical. I award Les Miserables an A-.



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