Filmpopper Review: ‘In Time’

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There’s very few original ideas coming out of Hollywood these days, so the idea of In Time intrigued me quite a bit.  Unfortunately I have to say the movie did not live up to my expectations.

I liked the original ideas behind it.  I even kind of liked the Robin Hood like feel that the movie portrays.  In fact I actually didn’t mind Justin Timberlake as a super serious actor.  The other actors may not have pulled their own weight however.

The movie had one too many plot lines.  Things never seemed to add up.  Also, I will say that the movie was strongly advertised as an action movie, the only action that was really in the movie was a whole lot of running from one place to another.  Oddly enough I was bored during much of the movie as well, the dialogue moved too slowly, yet the at the same time the plot jumped around and ahead too often.  The movie also seemed to lack a lot of character development.

In the end I felt like In Time was an incredible idea that was not well executed.  A dystopian society who bases everything off of their ability to gain and use time is, in all honesty, an interesting concept.  Unfortunately I felt that the movie lacked any story and any reason to care about the main characters.  In the end I was not that impressed, and I give In Time a C+.


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