Filmpopper Review: Friends With Benefits

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Friends With Benefits is the latest romantic comedy to hit theater staring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

The story is about, as the title explains, two friends who meet when Dylan (Justin Timberlake) moves to New York to start a new job and meets Jamie (Mila Kunis).  As their friendship grows and they begin to discover that relationships don’t necessarily work out all the time they become “friends with benefits” for each other.

Surprisingly enough I really liked this movie.  I wasn’t expecting a whole lot going into it, maybe a few laughs here and there, but it did easily meet and surpass expectations.  I have grown to love Justin Timberlake as an actor.  His role in this movie made me laugh at loud several times.  The film was just plain funny and has a few other stars who make small cameo appearances and at one point even makes a reference to one of my favorite comedies Easy A.  Also, this movie contains one of the most awkward, yet laugh out loud hilarious sex scenes to ever grace the big screen.

A few of my dislikes stem from the fact that it took a little while for movie to get funny or interesting for that matter.  I was surprisingly bored through out the first twenty minutes.  Once it finally did pick up steam into the story it was nice and quite humorous.

Despite the predictably cliche ending and the recycled story line I really enjoyed Friends With Benefits.  Is it breaking any new movie ground? No.  Is it breathtaking and inspiring? Of course not.  Is it funny and full of those awwwww moments? Sure is.  For all it’s effort and brilliant acting from the two leads I give Friends With Benefits a B.


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