Filmpopper Review: Footloose

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Footloose is the latest film to be remade by Hollywood.  Many of you probably remember the original, you know, the one with Kevin Bacon and tractor chicken?   Well essentially this isn’t a true remake.  It takes place in today’s day and age but tells the exact same story.  A small town struck by tragedy bans dancing, loud music and enforces a curfew on the young population.  That is, until some city slicker dancer appears to really shake stuff up!

I won’t lie, I wasn’t terribly excited to see this movie.  I like the original Footloose, a lot, how could this movie even compare?  Well to be honest it can’t exactly, but even so it still did a few things right, enough for me to talk about them anyway.

The music, of course was awesome.  The dancing scenes, I will admit, also awesome.  The comedy aspect, surprisingly funny.  I enjoyed myself quite a bit while watching this movie and even found myself laughing out loud at some of the jokes.

The acting, not so good.  You can really tell they found dancers and made them actors and not even close to the other way around.  The two main character’s acting pulls you slightly away from the story as you kind of stare at them and wonder why they aren’t doing a better job of… well saying things, but they seem to do great at the dancing parts.

I can’t say I loved the movie.  But I can’t say I hated it.  I will warn some of the older readers looking to relive their glory days by watching the remake, there are a few dirty jokes.  Which, while I enjoyed other’s may not.  Footloose tried really hard to be a good movie and I could see that, but trying to remake something as great as the first movie isn’t going to cut it.  I’d give it a B, but the lack of Kevin Bacon forces me to give it a B-.


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