Filmpopper Review: ‘Eat Pray Love’… We Know It’s Late

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Here at Filmpopper we don’t regularly cover a lot in the realm of chick flicks, so I was a little confused when the editor agreed it would be a good idea to include a review of Eat, Pray, Love. I can only assume that he’s currently facing some sort of sexual harassment lawsuit, and felt that he could counteract any negative PR by pretending to care about something popular with women.

Anyway, I know this review is horribly late, and by now most of you already know the plot of Eat Pray Love, but here’s a sum up for those of you who don’t. Julia Roberts plays Liz, a woman who decides she’s lost her lust for life and wants to find it by spending a year traveling to Rome, India and Bali.

At first I was convinced I was in for 133 minutes of hell. Liz was so unlikeable in the opening moments of the film. I might just be insensitive, but at first she comes across as whiney little girl who ends her marriage for no reason at all. However, when Liz decides to take a trip around the world the movie takes a turn for the better. Once Liz arrives in Italy there are mouthwatering close- ups of pasta and wine that instantly put me in a better mood, even though it gave me the urge to walk out of the movie so I could go enjoy some pasta and wine myself.

It wasn’t until Liz and her new friend Sofi stop at one of the best pizzerias in the world that I really got on board with the movie.

Sofi says she doesn’t want to eat the yummy pizza because she’s gained a few pounds lately. Liz convinces her she needs to stop worrying and eat up by posing a simple question: “In all the times you’ve been naked with a man, has one ever asked you to leave?” In my opinion this is actually a pretty reasonable and realistic standard for determining whether or not you need to worry about your weight. And I’m serious, because guys usually don’t ask naked girls to leave unless they’re absolutely revolting, and if you’ve let things get that bad you probably need to make some changes for the sake of your health.

After Rome Liz to moves on to India where things take a more serious turn. Liz stays at an ashram to engage in some serious self-examination, and apparently we’re supposed to already know what an ashram is. (An ashram is a religious hermitage and a hermitage is the habitation of a hermit or some sort of retreat or hideaway. I love our readers so much I went and consulted my dictionary for you! ) The stay in India can be summed up by simply saying that Liz learns a lot of valuable lessons.

Then Liz goes to Bali where she meets a guy named Philippe. She also learns some more lessons, but by this point the movie was getting a little long and I wasn’t really paying attention any more.

This long story short- I enjoyed most of the movie but it felt way too long at the end. If nothing else, it is fun to watch the wonderful scenery and imagine going to exotic locations, making an effort to learn local languages and customs like Liz did. If you’re a woman it isn’t a bad idea to go see this movie, even though you don’t really need to because I’ve already shared the most enlightening parts.
I wouldn’t force your husbands/boyfriends/future boyfriends to see this. It’s just cruel. If you’re going, go with the girls.

Note: The sexist editor mentioned above has deemed it necessary for me to tell you that Eat Pray Love was directed by Glee writer/producer/director, Ryan Murphy and that this movie is based on a book. Like we didn’t already know that.


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