Filmpopper Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

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A man’s Review:

Breaking Dawn is the latest in a line of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga books turned movie.  If you’ve seen the last few in the series you probably know what to expect.  So let’s get right to it.

I’m going to be honest as far as all the Twilight movies go I thought this one may have been the best, now take that with a grain of salt.  So let’s get straight to the pros and cons.

Oddly enough in this fourth installment the acting it seems finally is catching up.  While Kristen Stewart is still not amazing she definitely upped her game.  Another thing I enjoyed about this movie compared to the others in the series is that there was no wash of color that was essentially applied to the entire movie, a trademark of the previous films.The characters seemed more believable and everything looked pretty good as well.  However, let’s face it, these aren’t things that make a good movie, these are things that should be expected from a mediocre movie.

Sadly enough the pros of this movie do not out-weigh the cons.  While this may be the fault of Stephanie Meyers the movie takes an interesting turn for the weird.  Between creepy awkward sex scenes and vampire babies trying to break free the movie throws you into awkward situation after awkward situation. While I did say the acting was better in this movie, it was still not great, all these actors need more room to mature and it clearly shows.  We can through in the fact that there are no action scenes whatsoever, something the previous movies had, and I will admit, I was pretty bored the entire thing.

This movie was very weird to say the least.  I will give it this, while I was not too impressed the crowd I saw it with involving people who had read the books said they really enjoyed it.  So maybe there are things I am missing, but taking an objective look at this movie as simply that; a movie, I cannot condone it to a good score.  Maybe if you’ve read the books and invested yourself into this series you’ll love it like my friends, but by itself I award Breaking Dawn Part I, a D+.



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