Filmpopper Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

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A woman’s Review:

To start I am going to say I am not writing this review with the thought that Breaking Dawn is going to win an Oscar or anything! However, I did think that the film far surpassed that of the first three episodes in the Twilight Saga.  I will also say I was able to sit in the movie and enjoy myself throughout, even with the extremely awkward sex scenes and the most unbelievable birthing scene you will ever see in your life! Somehow it was still better!

The first thing that I appreciated about this movie was whoever the makeup artist was did a million times better than his/her predecessor, Bella (Kristen Stewart) who is supposed to be plainly beautiful actually did look beautiful in the movie, not in any other of the films did I think she was an attractive female. I also thought that the acting by each and every actor in the film  improved, although that could be the help of having less cheesy lines in the script.

The hard thing about it was some of the film was extremely hard to take serious, I found myself laughing at moments that were supposed to be serious, for example, At one point Edward (Robert Pattinson) can hear the thoughts of his child from in Bella’s stomach and they start talking to the fetus. It was weird, and I did not enjoy watching it.

Other than the unbelievability of much of the film I enjoyed myself and enjoyed Breaking Dawn Part 1.  Part of the reason I enjoyed it however may have been because I have read the books and enjoyed them as well. I give this film a B-.


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