Filmpopper Review: Abduction

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Abduction is the latest action movie to come out.  Helping to kick off the boring fall movie season.  I will admit I was going into this movie with very low expectations.  I wouldn’t exactly call Taylor Lautner the best actor ever after all.

Taylor Lautner plays the teenager we knows how to fight amazingly well for a senior in high-school.  He has a crush on his next door neighbor and cheerleader.  So far so good right?  Well stuff does start to heat up and to not give the story away let’s just say he and her end up on the run from several different groups of people searching for him.

With my extremely low expectations came some satisfaction.  For an action movie the story was slightly original.  Not super original but slightly.  There was enough to keep you on your toes and some of the fight scenes were cool to say the least.  Taylor Lautner, though not amazing, was by far a better actor in this move then some other movies that shall remain unamed.

The acting was mediocre.  The story moved slightly too fast.  And there were a few flaws that were slightly too easy to catch.

All in all the movie wasn’t terrible.  Worth seeing at least once.  I can’t find too many complaints, but sadly enough I find myself lacking on the compliment section as well.  I give Abduction a B-.




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