Drinking Games – The Golden Globes

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For the third year in a row, Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes. The 68th Annual Golden Globe awards airs this Sunday at 8 pm Eastern time. While Gervais’s jabs at the Hollywood elite are sure to make us laugh throughout the night, these awards show are freaking long. We at FilmPopper have come up with a little DRINKING GAME to get you through the night.

2012 Golden Globe Winners

The Official Rules for The Golden Globes Drinking Game 

-Every time Gervais self promotes. Gervais loves to talk about how much he gives to charity and his most popular creation, The Office – Take a Drink

-Every time a winner says there’s not enough time to thank everyone – Take a Drink

-Every Time Gervais takes a drink – Take a Drink

-Every Time an actor/actress says it’s just an honor to be nominated – Take a Drink

-Every Time the orchestra plays an actor/actress off the stage – Take a Drink. You may be pretty drunk by the time they start playing people off the stage but so are they so you’re all good.

Check back for our Oscars Drinking Game, now that’s a show you really need a drink to enjoy.


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