‘Do No Harm’ Review With Spoilers

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Do No HarmOkay, guys… I like to think that I am pretty forgiving when it comes to television. I did, after all, finish both Greek and Lost, and I even made it to season 3 of Pretty Little Liars (but then I stopped, because I can only handle so much, “Lucas is creeping around again, guys!”).

Not only do I watch these shows, but I justify my watching of them. I say the story is good, or the lines are fantastic, and I pledge loyalty for seasons upon seasons of implausible comas and tempestuous time-travelling twists.

But I have found a new show that not even I can justify. Spoiler alert.

Do No Harm is a modern take on Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where Steven Pasquale plays Dr. Jason Cole, a badass neurosurgeon who doesn’t give a crap what people have to say about his procedures because he’s here to take risks and show his vein-clamping prowess. He finds free time to reiterate over and over again that at times he is “not himself” because he has “company” at odd hours of the night because there’s “somebody else” who isn’t himself, and also, he’s “nice.”

See all of those words in quotation marks? Those are actual things they say to let you know you’re surrounded in mystery. The mystery, of course, is that he has dissociative identity disorder, and his alter personality, Ian Price, is an inadequately named twisted man who, when free, apparently participates in orgies, punches up drug lords, and snorts their stolen cocaine with blood-drenched hands.

But back to the nonsensical drama. When Ian is free one night and can’t find Jason’s credit cards because damn it if he’s not going to get Jimmy Choo’s or something, he breaks everything in the hotel room and finds a number for the pretty doctor, Lena Solis. He naturally calls the number, and she naturally comes.

Think about this. If you come into a room with everything broken and disheveled, see a blood-smeared co-worker, ask if he’s okay and get the response, “I like you, don’t I?”, would you let them take off your clothes and have their way with you? I didn’t think so.

Not only did the sensual Lena do this, but she got angry when she pushed him away and he laughed at her. Now, call me crazy, but they’re both crazy.

Then at the end, there’s something about a boy who is probably his son, and Ian is stalking the mom because he has the hots for her. When the boy talks to Ian with a monkey doll in tow, Ian warns the boy to be careful because monkeys have been known to eat their young because that line somehow made sense to the writers.

Now, I know I’m rambling, but I’m about to get to my point.

In article by The Hollywood Reporter, they talk about a few similar failed shows, one of them being Awake. I was a fan of Awake, a fantastic show that actually showed omnipresent moral dilemmas in parallel universes. I loved The United States of Tara even more, where the dynamics of family life were made real by the existence of multiple personalities. Both these shows were cancelled.

Just last week, I discovered some more of my favorite shows were cancelled. At first, it was Leverage. The smart producers managed to end the series, however, after seeing their ratings take a dip, so I understood.

Then, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 was cancelled, which genuinely surprised me. Apparently, they couldn’t find a satisfactory scheduling placement for it, so they got rid of it. I thought this one was smart, so that made me sad.

However, the cancellation that made me want to write this article was the cancellation of Drop Dead Diva. I know, I know, I’m a guy, but that show was great. It had a good plot and left plenty of material to work with after a dynamite season finale.

So my question is, why is this happening? Why do these great shows get cancelled so that new room can be made for orgy-inducing cocaine throttling?

I know that writing for TV is hard, but networks have to know that this is not what we’re looking for. I’m sure Do No Harm will be canceled with the low ratings the pilot received, but I’m still asking for good quality shows that entertain me instead of making me antsy from wanting to punch my computer monitor (true story). I’m also asking that shows be properly advertised so we don’t see Community in threat of cancellation each season. Also, bring Dirty Sexy Money back!

But we never will have this, my friends. After all, we have to be careful, because monkeys have been known to eat their young.


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