Christopher Nolan Looking for Female Lead for ‘Batman 3’

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Batman Babe Talia Al Ghul

An insider at Warner Bros. has reportedly told Moviehole that Nolan has began his search for the lead female actress in the highly anticipated Batman 3. We still don’t know who the actress will be playing, but apparently, neither do the prospective women.

The insider said that the ladies are in their “late 20’s, early 30’s” and released several names. Moviehole says they have contacted a couple of the prospects and they asked for their names to not be released, at least until they know they didn’t get the part.

Interestingly enough, quite a few of the ladies don’t actually know what role they’re being asked to read for/meet Nolan about…

This isn’t a surprise, Nolan has been known to be very secretive about his films in the past, it only makes sense that he would do the same with what is likely to be his conclusion to the series.

So, who will the character be? A new love interest following the death of Rachel Dawes? A villain character? The much-rumored Catwoman? Harley Quinn? Barbara Gordon? I’m hoping for Talia Al Ghul to be in this one. I’m a big fan of her character and I think it could be a very cool tie-in to Batman Begins.

Who do YOU think the female lead character will be in ‘Batman 3?’

[via IGN]


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  1. One Comments to “Christopher Nolan Looking for Female Lead for ‘Batman 3’”

    1. Juli says:

      I´m with you.
      I hope and I think it´s gonna be Talia al Ghul and not Selina/Catwoman.
      Talia makes more sense.

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