Brett Ratner to Produce ‘Farmville’ Animated Series

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Hollywood Life Style Awards - Diamond Trading CompanyNow I recall wasting many hours on Farmville the summer after I graduated High School. I also recall regretting every hour of it. But there is no denying the massive success of  Zynga’s social networking driven farm simulator.

Brett Ratner has partnered with Six Eleven Media to produce a half-hour animated series based on Farmville. The game isn’t strongly story driven, but neither are most early morning children’s cartoons, so we may not have a problem here.020909121934gameBig_farmville

I don’t understand why Ratner has attached himself to this. Maybe his kids love the game? With some exceptions (X-Men 3), I have enjoyed most of the movies Ratner has directed and many of his productions, but I don’t have any children, so I suspect I won’t be watching this show.



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