Bradley Cooper In Talks To Play Lance Armstong

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Bradley Cooper ShirtlessLast week Bradley Cooper said to the BBC that, “I would be interested in [playing Armstrong]. I think he’s fascinating. What a fascinating character.”

And it looks like J.J. Abrams may be on board with the Silver Linings Playbook stars wishes. In an interview with ET at the Producers Guild Awards, Abrams said he was talking with Cooper about the role and then continued to fawn over him with Jennifer Garner.

Cooper could really nail this role. He has the ability to be arrogant, cocky and in your face but still giving you the desire to root for him. Which is how I think the world pretty much felt about Armstrong. We wanted to believe in an athlete who over came cancer and did more than anyone else before him.

Paramount Pictures & Bad Robot (J.J. Abram’s production company) secured the rights to Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, a book proposal penned by Juliet Macur, in mid-January just after Armstrong admitted publicly to doping during all seven Tour de France wins.
Source: ET


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