Best of 2011: The Best Chick Flicks of 2011

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There were quite a few good movies I could take my man to this year. While you may call them chick flicks, I just call them good. Without further ado, here’s list of the Best Chick Flicks of 2011.

10 – Number Ten on my list is What’s Your Number, a lot of the movies on my 2011 chick flick list are here because they are fun movies that you can watch with a husband or boyfriend and still get your chick flick fix! Anyway that is exactly how I would describe this movie; perfect for watching with your man. When Ally (Anna Faris) reads an article about the average amount of men a women sleeps with in her life, and finds out she is way over that number she decides it is time to go through her past lovers and pick one to end up with. When she can’t find all of them she recruits her neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) who helps her track them down. Hilarious and romantic no wonder this movie made it into the top ten!

The Best Chick Flicks Of The Decade

9Footloose, no need for a summary on this one, all you need to know is if you loved Kevin bacon in 1984 you will equally love Kenny Wormald in 2011’s remake of Footloose. I was skeptic of this movie, I said to numerous people “Why remake a movie that is still so popular and that so many people still love” but I was proven wrong, I loved this remake. The only thing I didn’t like and only a few times, was Julianne Houghes Character; Ariel, who at points was overly whiney and overly annoying! It wasn’t until the end of the film that I started to enjoy her character, and for that I give Footloose my number 9 slot.

8Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, now this is definitely not a movie you can watch with your significant other; however it is as much a chick flick as you could ever get. Young girls, young women, middle aged women and older women flocked to this movie, this I know for a fact; for I work at a theater and I witnessed it sell out days in a row! After seeing this many people practically fight to get into this movie I decided I would give it a chance and although I am not a Justin Bieber fan, have not, and will not ever own one of his albums, I quite enjoyed this movie. It was informative and fun! Definitely give it a chance!

7 – Now to number 7, Water for Elephants, starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson this movie follows a man Jacob who when he finds out that his parents died decides to drop out of veterinary school and runs away, he ends up as a vet for a circus, and falls in love with the circus masters beautiful wife Marlena. Exactly what you want in a chick flick this movie earns my number 7 spot on the top 10 2011 chick flicks!

6Crazy, Stupid, Love, a fun, sexy, emotional film, that as I said before is one of the many movies on my list you could watch with your guy. Cal (Steven Carell) thinks he has the perfect life until Emily (Julianne Moore) surprises him with wanting a divorce, he then starts spending his nights in a local bar telling everyone about his failed marriage, after overhearing numerous times Jacob (Ryan Gosling) decides to take it upon himself to help Cal become the man he truly can be. I loved this movie, every minute of it, I can honestly say I didn’t have even one complaint about it, and there is a hilarious twist in the end that everyone will love! Definitely check out Crazy stupid love!

5My Week with Marilyn, Starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, this movie follows this blond bombshell as she is casted for a british film and struggles to be a star. In all honesty I think I would have given this movie a higher spot of my top ten however living in the small town of Logan, Utah we did not receive this movie, but I was dying to see it, and that is why is earned number 5, part of being in a top ten I believe is the desire to see a chick flick and I know numerous girls I work with and am friends with that really wanted to see this film. Therefore My Week with Marilyn you get number 5.

Top Ten Romantic Movies for Both Men and Women

4 – The film that earned my number four spot is No Strings Attached, hilarious, romantic!! Perfect for a date with your Boyfriend! As long as numerous sex scenes don’t make you uncomfortable! A lot of times in chick flicks you don’t really feel the chemistry but I think that Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) had great chemistry and they were hilarious together, in this film there are two friends in a “friends with benefits” relationship trying not to fall in love with each other. But I bet all of you can guess how this turns out, I won’t ruin it for you! Definitely rent or buy No strings attached.

3 – Alright everyone, number 3 on my list is pretty much the same movie as number 4, although slightly funnier, slightly more romantic, slightly more chemistry…or rather a lot more chemistry, number 3 is Friends with Benefits, these two movies follow almost the exact same story line, this one however, let’s just say it, was better! I literally loved every second of it, and it is another movie that you can laugh at with your guy. But be prepared to feel incredibly awkward at least 3 times! But guys you will love it just as much as us girls! No need to sum up I already did in slot number 4, Buy it! Don’t rent it! Cause if you do you will then just go buy it!

2 – Number 2 is Larry Crowne, I was incredibly surprised by this movie. It was funny and cute and Tom Hanks was amazing in it, this films follows a man who loses his job and therefore has to go back to school, he then falls in love with his teacher, Julia Roberts, one of my favorite actresses she is also going through a hard time as she is divorcing her husband, hilarious and wonderful together they make this movie great! I loved Larry Crowne and therefore give it number 2!

1 – And now for my number one movie!! A favorite film of many women this year I give the number one chickflick of 2011 to The Help! Based on the bestselling book this movie warms ever girls heart and brings tears of sadness and happiness to your eyes. This movie follows a young girl Skeeter (Emma Stone) who doesn’t fit in. While with a group of her friends she sees how they are treating the maids and she decides to write a book about how the maids in Jackson are treated; so funny and heartwarming, every girl should see The Help, I promise you will love it, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will definitely not forget this movie! Number One Chick Flick of 2011 The Help!


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