‘Avatar’ Is Officially “The King Of The World”

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Just one more record and maybe an Oscar or two and I can stop reporting on this mediocre movie.

From MTV.com: Two down, one to go. On Tuesday (January 26), James Cameron’s “Avatar” officially pushed past the record for the top-grossing worldwide release of all-time, set by the director’s 1997 movie “Titanic.”


The achievement comes just a day after “Avatar” bested “Titanic” as the best international release (not including North America) of all-time. All that remains for “Avatar” is the #1 spot on the all-time domestic chart, where “Titanic” currently sits with $601 million.

The record-breaking worldwide figure — $1.858 billion, to the “Titanic” number of $1.843 billion — took just 39 days to secure. That’s quite a jump over the 41 weeks it took Cameron’s doomed love story to reach the lower number. Read more at MTV.com


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