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Frequently Asked Questions (Or Rather, Questions We Just Made Up)
Who are you people and what do you know about anything?
A. We know everything. Why, what have you heard?

Q. Can you post some pictures of yourselves so we can see who is behind these stories we enjoy reading oh so much?
A. No. If our faces were anything great to look at we’d have successful tv careers instead of working on this crappy blog.

Q. What qualifications do you have to write an entertainment blog?
A. Who are you, the thought police? We do what we want.

Q. I have a great story idea/piece of gossip/inside scoop/criticism/comment. Do you guys care?
A. Of course! You can reach us by emailing our editor at sethage1@hotmail.com. Most of us don’t have social lives so we should be able to get right on it!

Q. Why should I make filmpopper my #1 source for entertainment news?
A. Because you’re awesome!