A Bunch Of Photos From Stephenie Meyer’s ‘The Host’

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The Twilight Saga is over but probably not Stephenie Meyer’s stronghold on the female segment of our population. Within less than six months of the relase of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 the world will be exposed to Meyers next trilogy with the first installment of her best selling novel, The Host. Much like Meyers hold of over the ladies of the world, The Host is a story of an alien race that has taken over the minds of humans while leaving their bodies intact. The Host hit’s theaters on March 23, 2013. No word yet on The Host 2 or 3 yet as Meyers has not even finished the second book.

Official The Host plot Synopsis
A body-snatching alien takes possession of a girl who refuses to surrender her mind, and together they seek out the man they both love as writer/director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time) adapts Twilight author Stephanie Meyer’s New York Times bestseller for the big screen. The majority of the human population has been taken over by an unseen invader that takes over their minds, leaving only small pockets of “wild” humans like Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) scattered throughout the world. Upon being captured by the invaders, Melanie finds her body taken over by Wanderer, a spirit that has been warned of the difficulties that come with claiming a human host. In the process of inhabiting Melanie, Wanderer is deeply affected by the determined girl’s vivid dreams and memories. And when Melanie fights to maintain control of her mind even as Wanderer inhabits her body, the sympathetic entity joins her on a journey that will reveal the unfathomable depths of human love and compassion.

Hollywood.com has a bunch of photos, check them out below.



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