2011 Forbes 15 Richest Fictional Characters

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Forbes has release their 2011 list of wealthiest fictional characters, who have an average net worth of $9.7 billion, up 20% from last year. Add all their fictional fortunes up and you get a whopping $131.6 billion in fake green. In order to qualify for the Fictional 15, the characters must be known for being rich. So here they are, the richest of the fake rich as of April 1, 2011.

15. Jeffrey Lebowski
Film: The Big Lebowski
Net Worth: $1.0 billion
Source: Inheritance
Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.

14. Gordon Gekko
Film: Wall Street, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Source: Investments
Residence: New York City

13. Chuck Bass
Television: Gossip Girl
Worth: $1.1 billion
Source: Real estate
Residence: New York City

12. C. Montgomery Burns
Television: The Simpsons
Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Source: Energy
Residence: Springfield

11. Jo Bennett
Television: The Office
Net Worth: $1.2 billion ????
Source: Electronics, inheritance.
Residence: Tallahassee, Florida

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10. Arthur Bach
Film: Arthur
Worth: $1.8 billion
Source: Inheritance
Residence: New York City

9. Mr. Monopoly
Board Game: Monopoly
Worth: $2.6 billion
Source: Real Estate
Residence: Atlantic City, NJ

8. Bruce Wayne
Comic/Television/Film: Batman
Net Worth: $7.0 billion
Source: Inheritance, Defense
Residence: Gotham City

7. Smaug
Book/Film: The Hobbit
Worth: $8.6 billion
Source: Marauding
Residence: The Lonely Mountain

6. Tony Stark
Comic/Film: Iron Man
Net Worth: $9.4 billion
Source: Defense
Residence: Malibu, Calif.

5. Jed Clampett
Television: The Beverly Hillbillies
Net Worth: $9.5 billion
Source: Oil & Gas
Residence: Beverly Hills, Calif

4. Richie Rich
Comic/Television: Richie Rich
Worth: $9.7 billion
Source: Inheritance, Conglomerates
Residence: Richville

3. Artemis Fowl II
Book: Artemis Fowl series
Worth: $13.5 billion
Source: Theft, Forgery, Facebook
Residence: Ireland

2. Carlisle Cullen
Book/Film: The Twilight Saga
Worth: $36.2 billion
Source: Compound Interest, Investments
Residence: Forks, Wash.

1. Scrooge McDuck
Comic/Television: DuckTales
Worth: $44.1 billion
Source: Mining, Treasure hunting
Residence: Duckburg

Read a complete breakdown of each character on the list over at Forbes.com


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      Did these guys even watch The Big Lebowski? The entire premise was built arount the fact that “Big Lebowski”‘s fortune was a facade! I doubt if he had much more $ than “little lebowski”(jeff bridges)!

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