10 Best Movie Scores From 2000-2009

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Our breakdown of the Last Decade In Music: Part 1

Here at Filmpopper.com, we decided to do the 20 best soundtracks from 2000-2009. But as I started to compile the list I thought, how could I possibly compare a musical, to an original score, to a soundtrack loaded with awesome bands?  So rather than a top 20 hodgepodge of the decade, I’ve decided to break down the music of the 2000s into three parts. This week we pick the Top 10 movie scores, next week will be top 10 musicals and finally the top 20 soundtracks of the 2000s.
The Top Ten Movie Scores of the Decade (2000-2009)
10. The Last Samurai
The Last Samurai taps into deep Japanese roots and mixes them with the immense knowledge Hans Zimmer has of the orchestra.  The music helps to push along the story often shifting moods at just the right time.  From majestic peaks to small Japanese villages the score captures the oriental culture perfectly.



9. The Harry Potter series
John William’s work with the Harry Potter series in my opinion was one of the principle items that propelled the movie series so well.  With one of the most recognizable tunes this decade it’s no surprise it makes the top ten, especially with the fact that they put out SIX movies in the last 10 years.




8. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
A computer graphic movie based off of a video game known mainly to the gamer community makes the top ten?!?!  Well anyone who is familiar with the works of Nobou Uematsu will know he is an amazing composer and has an uncanny ability to propel the story with his music.  Plus, One Winged Angel is one of the coolest pieces of orchestra with clashing guitar I’ve ever seen.



 7. Gladiator
Hans Zimmer appears again on the list with his remarkable work in Gladiator.  The only track I even need to mention would be the remarkably titled The Battle, which simply put sums up the amazing ending to the movie.



6. Big Fish
This might be my other surprise movie of the list.  Danny Elfman can tell a story with music, or in this case tell more than one.  The music completed each wild tale so well in this movie that you felt like you were actually in the movie listening to each extravagant myth yourself.


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5. Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of The Sith
Another score by John Williams appears on the list, surprised?  While I did not really like the prequel Star War series you can’t argue with the way Williams took themes from the original three and strung them richly throughout the prequels.  I chose episode three simply because of the intensity of the final battle between Anakin and Obi Wan which the music only adds to!


4. Angels and Demons
Excellent film, better music. The first time I saw the music I found myself thinking not in Robert Langdon’s plight but in the fact that Zimmer was a complete musical genius.  I walked away not relieved that the Vatican was saved but thrilled by the fact I could tell people about the literally “epic” score.


3. The Dark Knight
Hans Zimmer does it again.  Another top 10 winner.  The Dark Knight is probably the most original of all of his scores.  He captured the essence of a dangerous, shady Gotham perfectly.  He made the character’s struggles realistic and gave Christopher Nolan exactly what the film needed to propel itself to one of the all time top box office movies.



2. The Pirates of Caribbean Trilogy
Nope, I’m not kidding Hans Zimmer comes in again with the famous pirate soundtrack.  Next to the outstanding performance of Johnny Depp nothing helped this movie more than the swashbuckling music to go along with it.  The cascading violins make you literally want to jump up and sale off to Davey Jones’ locker for a heroic cutlass sword fight!



1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Surprise! First place did not go to Hans Zimmer. That honor goes to none other than the amazing Howard Shore with his beautifully crafted score for The Lord of the Rings.  The LOTR trilogy, probably some of the best films ever created got there in no small part because of the musical scores.  With each movie boasting its unique yet stylishly similar music you find yourself drug into the world of Middle-Earth.  After the movie you can’t stop yourself from humming the main theme… and then… wanting to watch it again, and again!


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    1. Ed Gardiner says:

      Great list. You can’t go wrong with John Williams, Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer. But, I noticed you credited Zimmer with the complete Pirates trilogy. He scored the second and third films. While he reportedly did supply some themes (uncredited) for the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl was scored by Klaus Badelt, a colleague of Zimmer’s.

      Thanks for the list!

    2. Colin says:

      Thank you for reading and for your comment. I had not realized that fact about the first Pirates movie. I will be sure to make my research a little more extensive next time!!!

    3. Seth Quillen says:

      You could argue that Hans Zimmer was the “Producer” of the music as he was contracted by Jerry Bruckheimer for the soudtrack but Zimmer was too busy so he worked with his friends, specifically Klaus Badelt, he also advised him on the musical direction of the movie. But I see your point.

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